About Puu-Lih Bio-Technology

Puulih Company was founded in the end of 1994. It has been committed to the research and development of domestic disinfection and anti-epidemic products, including the manufacturing technology of anti-epidemic tablets and equipment, which are generally used to improve the air quality of homes and office buildings. In addition, it also provides quality testing for agriculture and aquatic products. Enterprise-related services. The company currently has a manufacturing and drug dealer license, a drug dealer license, an environmental drug dealer license, and a vector control business license.
Our R & D department produce the PL-600 fast tablet is the most valuable of disinfection products, and it also honors the national promotion of non-infectious disease-related anti-epidemic products (2009, 2010, 2020, 2021 National Biotechnology and Medical Industry Strategy Council ), and won the 1996 National Quality Award.

Our products include PL-600 fast tablet, PL-600 slow diffusion tablet, PL-600 air-conditioning special tablet, and PL-600 aquatic tablet, including large spray equipment, desktop mist diffusers.., etc.
In addition, concerning the products such as pet disinfection tablets, denture cleaning tablets, mouthwash tablets, and Puulih water will also be launched in the near future, with a complete product line and equipment.

In recent years, PL600 has also been used by well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations, such as the Presidential Palace, the Taipei 101 Building, China Trust Headquarters.., etc., and provides professional air quality on-site testing technologies for formaldehyde, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and total volatile organic compounds.. We provide a full range of quality improvement solutions, and overseas markets have also signed overseas agents in Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China... etc.

Our company possess the First-level Medical Device license issued by CDC and the Department of Health and Drug manufacturing license, Drug Dealer license, an Environmental Drug Dealer license, a Vector Control Industry license, and a Food Additive license; Our products approved by the Research Institute and Taiwan Testing Company (SGS), Tai-Mei Testing Company, China Disease Management Bureau, Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and other institutions have verified that the products have excellent sterilization and detoxification effects, can be effectively used for environmental disinfection and epidemic prevention. The company is committed to creating a living environment for human immunity, and hopes that the company's products can be popularized by the public, and do its best to contribute to the society as the company's development mission.
March 1st 2021, we have been proved by the Institute of Preventive Medicine, NDMC, TAIWAN experiment that PL600 can eliminate Corona-virus and others virus/bacteria with an effect of 99.99%...